About NII

NII International advanced lectures series on ICT

NII has held lecture events on informatics presented by researchers with outstanding research accomplishments from overseas.
These lecture series are given on the perspective of their specialities and foster meaningful exchanges with people with interests in informatics. The lectures are announced open to the public in English.

Past lectures' list

November, 2013 Prof. Yann-Gaël Guéhéneuc (École Polytechnique de Montréal)
Theme: Some Theory and Practice on Patterns
November, 2013 Prof. Edgar R. Weippl (SBA Research and Vienna University of Technology)
Theme: Recent Trends in Cyber Security
November, 2013 Prof. Steven L. Tanimoto (University of Washington)
Theme: Technology for Collaborative Problem Solving
November, 2013 Prof. Frederic Loulergue (University of Orleans)
Theme: Systematic Development of Correct Programs for Parallel and Cloud Computing
November, 2013 Prof. Robert A. Kowalski (Imperial College London)
Theme: Computational Logic and Human Thinking
October, 2013Assoc. Prof. Henri Casanova (University of Hawaii)
Theme: Scheduling and Simulating Distributed Applications
March, 2013Assoc. Prof. Morgan Magnin (École Centrale de Nantes)
Theme: Computational approaches to analyze complex dynamic systems: model-checking and its applications
February, 2013 Prof. Edgar R. Weippl (SBA Research and Vienna University of Technology)
Theme: Recent Trends in Cyber Security
February, 2013 Dr. Randy Goebel, Professor (University of Alberta, Canada)
Theme: Do the emerging tools for managing big data fit with the founding principles of Artificial Intelligence: ideas on the integration of the advice taker, structured inference, reasoning with incomplete information, and building multi-scale models from data
November, 2012 Prof.Gladimir V. G. Baranoski (Natural Phenomena Simulation Group, University of Waterloo, Canada)
Theme: On the Development of Predictive Models of Light Interaction with Organic and Inorganic Materials
March, 2012 Prof. Stefan Rüger (Knowledge Media Institute,The Open University)
Theme: Multimedia Information Retrieval
January, 2012 Prof. Jean Bézivin (Universities of Nantes)
Theme: Principles and Applications of Model Driven Engineering
December, 2011 Prof. Ali Mili (New Jersey Institute of Technology)
Theme: Analyzing Functional and Non Functional Attributes of Software Artifacts
December, 2011 Prof. Thomas Ågotnes (University of Bergen)
Theme: Social Laws for Multi-Agent Systems: Logic and Games
October, 2011 Prof. Emeritus Neil D. Jones (University of Copenhagen)
Theme: Programming and Program Transformation
September, 2011 Prof. Cristian Borcea (New Jersey Institute of Technology)
Theme: Mobile Computing: State-of-the-Art and Future Trends
January, 2011 Prof. Fang Chen (NICTA, Australia)
Theme: Multimodal Cognitive Load Measurement and its Applications
December, 2010 Prof. Nicolas P. Rougier (Grand Est Center in INRIA)
Theme: Visual Attention for Human Computer Interaction: Analysis and Model
October, 2010 Prof. Kun Yang (University of Essex)
Theme: Future Networks and Services
July, 2010 Prof. Andre Gagalowicz (INRIA, France)
Theme: Integrating computer vision and computer graphics for high fidelity 3D modeling
February, 2010 Prof. David Toman (University of Waterloo, Canada)
Theme: Fundamentals of Physical Design and Query Compilation
September, 2009 Assistant Prof. Luis Ceze (University of Washington)
Theme: Advances in Multiprocessor Programmability Using Coarse-Grain Execution
April, 2009 Prof. Christian Boitet (GETALP-LIG-UJF, Grenoble, France)
Theme: Machine Translation (MT) and Computer-Aided Translation (CAT)
March, 2009 Prof. Andrei Doncescu (University of Paul Sabatier, France)
Theme: Knowledge Representation and Reasoning for Systems Biology
March, 2009 Prof. Kun Yang (University of Essex, UK)
Theme: Wireless Networks and Pervasive Services Technologies: Fundamentals and Recent Advances
November, 2008 Prof. Vincent Oria (New Jersey Institute of Technology)
Theme: Emerging Topics in Databases
September, 2008 Prof. Lawrence Snyder  (University of Washington)
Theme: Principles of Parallel Programming
June, 2008 Prof. Frank Y. Shih (New Jersey Institute of Technology)
Theme: Image Processing and Pattern Recognition: Fundamentals and Applications
October, 2006 Prof. Michael Lindenbaum (Technion, Israel)
Theme: Analysis of Vision Algorithms
February, 2006 Prof. Leonidas Guibas (Computer Science Department, Stanford University)
Theme: Information Processing in Sensor Networks