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National Institute of Informatics Library Usage Guide

Qualification Library Hours Using procedure How to Search for Materials Checkout / Photocopy Interlibrary Loan (ILL)


  • Faculty members, researchers, interns, graduate students of NII.
  • The general user who applied for use of the materials which NII Library holds.
  • The researcher who studies informatics.

Library Hours

  • Hours : 9:00-17:30
  • Closed : Saturday, Sunday, National Holidays, Dec. 29th to Jan. 3rd.

Library entrance is ordinarily locked.
Please call the library office from extension phone at the library entrance in order to enter the library.

Using procedure

  • Please bring your identification card.
  • You are required to write down your name and address in our form at the library entrance.
  • Please exit from the exit gate after use of the library. It does not open the exit gate when you brought out the materials in the library without permission.

How to Search for Materials

  • Please use NII OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue).
  • You can search also by CiNii Books.
    However, CiNii Books is not a library catalogue of only our Library.
    If you search and find the materials, it is necessary to check whether it is shown in university library possession screen with"National Institute of Informatics".
  • If you have a specific title that you would like to use, it is recommended that you ask us in advance.
  • To use materials held at research laboratories, prior contact is required.
  • Reference books are in the reading room, with call numbers sorted according tothe Classification of the National Diet Library.
    Books for graduate students are in the reading room, with call numbers sorted according to the Nippon Decimal Classification number.
    General books are in the stack room, with accession order of each fiscal year.
    Current and unbound journals are in the reading room. Bound journals are in the stack room.

Checkout / Photocopy

  • Checkout services for external users is not available. You can apply for Interlibrary Loan (ILL) services through the library of the university or institute to which you belong.
  • Fee : ¥35 per sheet.
    It is also possible to apply for a photocopy through the library of the university or institute to which you belong.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

We are accepting a request for Interlibrary Loan and photocopy from universities and national research institutions. Please consult with your library staff for details.

Loan period

  • held at library : 1 month
  • held at laboratory : 2 weeks
  • Loan period is from date of shipment to the arrival date of the return materials.
    Unbound journals and the NII Publications for preservation cannot be lent.
    Materials held at laboratory and audio visual materials might not be lent.

Library Support Team
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