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NII creates, collects, and manages intellectual property and promotes the use of this intellectual property to contribute to society.

Total Number of Inventions and Applications for Patents (total number since FY2004)

(as of March 2014)

Total Number 163 Attribution:Organization Attribution 152
Attribution:Individual Attribution 11
Applications Number 173 Domestic Number 141
foreign number 32
Registration Number 46 Domestic Number 40
foreign number 6

List of Japanese patents owned

(as of March 2014)

PatentRegistration numberJoint Patent
Apparatus, method and program for retrieving and displaying image information 4441685
Quantum key delivering method and communication apparatus 4231926
Time-series data analysis device, and time-series data analysis program 4734559
Information-Sharing System, Information-Sharing Server, Information-Sharing Method, and Information-Sharing Program 4799001
Ultrasonic distance measurement system and method 4041899
Sequential content delivery device, sequential content receiving device, and method therefor 4734563
Contents presentation apparatus, contents presenting method and contents presentation program 4403276
Text content presentation apparatus, text content presentation method and text content presentation program 4143628
Method and apparatus for evaluating communication traffic that uses fragmentray self-similarity process 4081552
Imaging device and imaging method using out-of-focus structure 4437228
Information resource retrieval device, information resource retrieval method and information resource retrieval program 4324650
Active content distribution system, active content distribution program and active content distribution method 4392503
Device and method for generating traffic congestion prediction information, and sroute search system 4729411
Content selling device and method 4304278
Document indexing device, document retrieval device, document classifying device, and method and program thereof 4362492
Video provision device and method 4359685
Projection image correction system and correction information generation program 4982844
Digital content registration distribution apparatus, system and method 4956742
Communication path apparatus for data driven processor having tree type diversion path and merging path, and packet transfer mode for data driven processor 5115922
Airing structure of three dimensional integrated electrical circuit and layout method therefor 5024530
Quantum Key Distribution Method, Communication System, and Communication Device 4862159
Time Reference Point Information Transmitting System and Receiver 4621924
Quantum Repeater 5082039
Collection / Delivery Route Selection System 4374457
Air conditioner for vehicle and its control method 5177667
Route Switching Method,Server Apparatus, Boundary Node Apparatus, Rout Switching System, and Switching Program 5062845
Direct path establishing method, server device, sender network node device, direct path establishment network, and program thereof 4999112
Path Management Control Method, Path Management Control Program, Path Management Controller and Path Management Control System 4806466
Intramemory data structure of finite automaton, memory storing data with the structure, and finite automation executing apparatus using the memory 5063780
Emission Allowance Trading System and Emission Allowance Trading Method 5207195
Method and device for searching ambiguous frequent itemset 5267847
Device and method for learning data management, and vehicle air-conditioning device and equipment control device 5224280
Virtual stereoscopic image display device and method of displaying virtual stereoscopic image 5263960
Quantum repeater, and system and method for generating extended entanglement 5296924
Distance measuring method, distance measuring receiving station equipment, and position measurement system 5305324
Quantum computing device and method for Ising model 5354233
Video display device 5373662
Method and device for accelerating speed of successfully generating entanglement, and quantum repeater that uses the method and device 5414006
Quantum repeater, and system and method for generating extended entanglement 5414007
Information processing device, method, program, and recording media 5424306

List of registered trademarks

(as of March 2014)

Trademark modeRegistration number
NII 4811291
Net Commons 4832775
picture+NET 4934163
NAREGI *NAREGI is also a registered trademark in the United Kingdom, and Germany 4952143
トップエスイー 4943324
スマーティブ 4976131
WebELS 4980388
Net Commons 5182361
n c net commons 5152641
Commons Partners 5208443
NeXt Commons 5191260
researchmap 5261160
GRACE+picture 5275386
picture(grace) 5261216
picture(garce/NPO) 5279082
edubase 5296963
学認/GAKUNIN 5341899
NetCommons Ready 5369242
遷画 5490233
picture(パレット) 5498318
picture(学認/GAKUNIN) 5498319
picture(情報犬) 5538784
情報犬 5538785
picture(サイニィ/CiNii)  5580217
picture(ミカエル) 5600802
meQuanics 5622078
picture(GeoNLP) 5645544
SIGVerse 5649553
PrivacyVisor 5653596