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Talk by Prof Andreas Dengel, DFKI on Industrie 4.0


Monday 16 March, 2015
Room 1901-1903 (19th floor), National Institute of Informatics
Industrie 4.0 - Smart Technologies for a new Generation of Cyber-Physical Production Systems
Prof. Andreas Dengel
Scientific Director
DFKI (the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence)
"Industrie 4.0“ may be considered as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. It represents a new level for organizing und controlling the entire value creation chain over the entire product life cycle. It is based on the employment of relevant data in real time through the interconnectedness of all instances, and moreover on the ability of deriving an optimized value creation process from the available data.
The interconnection of human beings, objects and systems leads to dynamic, real time optimized and self organized inter-company value creation systems which are evaluated and optimized using criteria such as costs, availability and resource efficiency. Industrie 4.0 is characterized by multiple autonomous systems, M2M communication in heterogeneous networks. It therefore creates complexity which causes challenges, such as controlling and monitoring processes and data (actuality, integrity, and propriety) but also the integration of the physical environment and ICT.

In my talk I am going to address the evolvement of Industrie 4.0 in Germany as well as the recent research programs by the German government. I will further try to give an explanation what is behind this new emerging field, what are the driving disciplines, and who are the stakeholders. I will further discuss the key concepts and technologies as well as the existing challenges. The talk concludes by introducing the SmartfactoryKL, the first training and simulation center of a factory of the future in Germany.
All are welcome.
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