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Talk by Dr. David Lomet, Microsoft Research:The Deuteronomy High Performance Transactional Key-Value Store


April 20th (Monday), 2015
17:45 - 18:45
Room 1901-1902, 19th Floor, National Institute of Informatics
Dr. David Lomet, Microsoft Research
The Deuteronomy High Performance Transactional Key-Value Store
The Deuteronomy architecture provides a clean separation of transaction functionality (performed in a transaction component, or TC) from data management functionality (performed in a data component, or DC). In prior work we implemented both a TC and DC that achieved modest performance. More recently we first built a high performance DC (the Bw-tree key value store) that achieves very high performance on modern hardware. The Bw-tree is currently shipping as an indexing and storage layer in a number of Microsoft systems, including Hekaton and DocumentDB. This new DC executes operations more than 100× faster than the DC we previously implemented. Our newly re-implemented TC combined with the our new DC commits more than 1.5 million transactions per second (6 million total operations per second) for a variety of workloads. This demonstrates that Deuteronomy can achieve very high performance overall. Importantly, the resulting Deuteronomy full stack system's data resides on secondary storage and is only cached in main memory, while it has performance on a par with the best main memory systems.
David Lomet is a principal researcher and manager of the Database Group at Microsoft Research, Redmond. Earlier, he worked at DEC's Cambridge Research Lab, at IBM Research Yorktown, and was a professor at Wang Institute. He has a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. David has worked in machine architecture, programming languages, and distributed systems. His primary work is in database systems and he is one of the inventors of transactions. He has authored over 100 papers, including two SIGMOD "best papers", and holds over 50 patents.
David has been ICDE PC co-chair and conference co-chair, VLDB PC co-chair, and editor of ACM TODS and VLDB Journal. David was awarded IEEE Meritorious Service Award and SIGMOD Contributions Award for serving as Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Data Engineering Bulletin since 1992. He has served on the VLDB Board and the ICDE Steering Committee, and has been IEEE TCDE Chair. He currently is on the IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors. David is a Fellow of IEEE (and Golden Core Member), ACM, and AAAS.

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