Fiscal 2016

The 3rd DSC Seminar "Anaphora resolution: to what extent does ithelp NLP applications?"
1st Home Coming Day of SOKENDAI Dept. of Informatics
Lectures on Numerical Linear Algebra by Prof. Reichel
Lecture on Numerical Linear Algebra by Dr. Shu-Xin MIAO
Talk by Prof. Weihua Zhuang from University of Waterloo :"Mobility modeling for vehicular communication networks"
Talk by Prof. Guang R. Gao from University of Delaware :"PTM – A Parallel Turing Machine"
Talk by Prof. Lei Chen from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology :"Spatial Crowdsourcing over Big Data"
The 1st DSC Seminar "Data Science and Information Science: A HumanCentric View"
Talk by Prof. Oscar Salviao :"Optimal production plan"
Second International Workshop on Signal & Information Processing for Sleep Analysis 2017
Talk by Xiaolin Wu :"Automated Inference on Criminality using Face Images"
Talk by Tomas Pajdla and Ming-Hsuan Yang
Talk by Prof. Douglas Oard :"Effectively and Efficiently Searching Among Sensitive Content"
Talk by Prof. Paris Smaragdis (University of Illinois) :"Machine Learning for Speech Enhancement"
Workshop on multitrack event-trains in neural, social, seismological, and financial data
Semantic Web Seminar II
Talk by Dr. Gene Cheung :"Solving Inverse Imaging Problems using Graph-Signal Smoothness Priors"
Semantic Web Seminar I
Talk by Esra Erdem :"Hybrid Conditional Planning for Robotics"
Talk by Prof. Karlheinz Brandenburg :"Perfect auditory illusion over loudspeakers and headphones"
Talk by Prof. Henri Casanova :"Simulating HPC Systems and Applications"
Seminar by Prof. Catherine Rosenberg :"Next Generation Cellular Wireless Networks"
Lecture by Prof. Baboulin on HPC :"Using GPU computing in iterative solvers for sparse linear systems"
Talk by Prof. Guenter Mueller, University of Freiburg :"Heuristic Approaches to Horizontal Security for Industry 4.0"
Lecture by Dr. Wei XU :"Efficient Machine Learning Methods for Risk Management of Large Variable Annuity Portfolios"
Talk by Prof. Alípio Mário Guedes Jorge from INESC TEC, Portugal:"Recommender Systems, Text Mining and Other Data Mining Research Lines"
Lecture on Clustering and Numerical Linear Algebra by Professor Michael Ng
Talk by Prof. Nobuko Yoshida from Imperial College London :"Synthesis of Multiparty Session Types"
Talk by Prof. Sanjay Chawla:"On Inferring Structural from Functional Information in Urban Systems"
Talk by Prof. Edgar Weippl:"Empirical Research in Information Security"
NII Open House 2016 (27, 28 May)
Lecture on Numerical Linear Algebra by Dr. Esmond Ng
Talk by Prof. Thomas Agotnes