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Talk by Dr. Marco Mezzavilla (New York University): "A Full Stack Perspective of 5G mmWave Communications"


Friday, June 30th, 2017, 15:00-


National Institute of Informatics
Room 1208


A Full Stack Perspective of 5G mmWave Communications


Dr. Marco Mezzavilla
New York University


In this talk, Dr. Mezzavilla will provide a description of the most recent activities and key finds conducted at NYU WIRELESS relatively to mmWave communications. The focus will be on NYU's end-to-end research platform, which comprises a channel sounder equipped with 12 steerable antenna elements, a mmWave channel emulator, and a customizable open source network simulator for 5G end-to-end mmWave cellular systems. This platform has been recently awarded a NIST grant to assess the feasibility of mmWave communications for emergency scenarios. Dr. Mezzavilla will then delve into the core of the network simulator, and present some of the most recent results related to the performance of TCP over intermittent mmWave links.


Dr. Marco Mezzavilla (mezzavilla (at) nyu.edu) is a Research Scientist at NYU Tandon School of Engineering, where he leads various mmWave-related research projects, mainly focusing on 5G PHY/MAC design. He received the B.Sc. (2007) and the M.Sc. (2010) in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Padova (Italy), and the Ph.D. (2013) in Information Engineering from the same university. He held visiting research positions at the NEC Network Laboratories in Heidelberg (Germany, 2009), at the Telematics Department at Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) in Barcelona (Spain, 2010) and at Qualcomm Research in San Diego (USA, 2012). He has authored and co-authored multiple papers in conferences, journals and some patent applications. He is serving as reviewer for many IEEE and ACM conferences, journals and magazines. His research interests include design and validation of communication protocols and applications to Fourth-generation (4G) broadband wireless technologies, millimeter wave communications for 5G networks, multimedia traffic optimization, radio resource management, spectrum sharing, convex optimization, cognitive networks and experimental analysis.