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Project colloquium by Tomoo Yokoyama: "Topological methods for analyzing two dimensional flows"

Tomoo Yokoyama will be visiting the Takebashi ERATO MMSD site from the Kyoto University of Education. He will give our project colloquium at the usual time, Wednesday (30 May) from 16:30-18:00. The title and abstract for the talk are given below.

You are all invited. Please note the talk will be given at the Takebashi research site of ERATO MMSD. Instructions on accessing this site are included at the website below.


May 30 (Wed.)




ERATO MMSD Takebashi Site Common Room 3


Tomoo Yokoyama (Kyoto University of Education)


We introduce new topological methods, called a word representation and a tree representation, for analyzing 2D flows. Applying the topological methods to a plate in a time-dependent uniform flow under mild conditions, we can estimate when the lift-to-drag ratios of the plate are maximal and can determine the intermediate topologies of the uniform flow. Our talk consists of three parts. In fact, first we quickly review topology and dynamical systems. Second, we present applications of our methods. Finally we introduce the theoretical background and discuss the relative works and the relations between topological structures and data structures (e.g. implementation of representation algorithms, contour extraction of streamlines from image data, generating all word representation by an automaton, generating all tree representation by "regular tree grammar + cyclic order", improvement of industrial machines, possibilities of analyzing ocean phenomena and medical phenomena).


David Sprunger sprunger [at] nii.ac.jp