Fiscal 2019

Talk by Prof. Thomas Plageman from University of Oslo: "Towards Sleep Apnea Detection with Consumer Electronics and Machine Learning"
Japanese Culture and AI Symposium 2019
11th CODH Seminar
"Text Mining for Analyzing Research Communities: Sociological Topics and Socio-Technical Imaginaries"
Talk by Prof. Edgar R. Weippl from SBA Research and Privatdozent at TU Wien:
"Distributed Ledger Technology, Blockchain & Crypto Currencies - An Opportunity for Inter- and Trans-Disciplinary Research"
Lecture on Numerical Analysis by Prof. Zhong-Zhi Bai from Chinese Academy of Sciences:
"Recent Advances on the Randomized Kaczmarz Method"
The 15th DSC Seminar
"Fake Content, Manipulated Accounts, Chatbots, and KillFies on Social Media"
Lectures on Numerical Analysis by Prof. Yuji Nakatsukasa from University of Oxford:
"Stable and efficient QR factorization and least-squares solver based on CholeskyQR"
Talk by Prof. Günter Müller from University of Freiburg:
"What does EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) protect?"
Lectures on Numerical Analysis by Prof. Michael Ng from The University of Hong Kong:
"Robust Tensor Completion and Its Applications"
Seminar by Dr. Yasunori Aoki on the Cluster Gauss Newton method
The 14th DSC Seminar
"Towards Deep Visual Scene Understanding"
Talk by Prof. Ling Liu: "Robustness of Deep Learning Systems Against Deception"
The 13th DSC Seminar
"Opinion Mining with Deep Contextualized Embeddings", "Profiling Humans, Profiling Bots, Profiling You"
The 14th NTCIR Conference
Japan Open Science Summit 2019
ERATO MMSD Symposium
Academic Frontiers in Automated Driving Safety
From Mathematical Foundation to Artificial Intelligence and Software Platforms