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Talk by Prof. Günter Müller from University of Freiburg:
"What does EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) protect?"

We are pleased to announce you that Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Günter Müller, University of Freiburg will give a talk at NII.
You are most welcome to come and join us.

この度、University of FreiburgからProf. Dr. Dr. h.c. Günter Müllerをお招きして下記の講演会を8月30日に開催いたします。参加費無料、事前登録不要、どなたでも参加可能ですので、ふるってご参加頂けますと幸いです。


What does EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) protect?


Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Günter Müller, University of Freiburg


13:30-14:30 / August 30 (Fri.), 2019


Room 1901, 19th floor, NII


The GDPR is an EU Directive about Data Protection, just one year old, and causes more criticism than applause. Some claim that GDPR does not protect data, like "sun protection" does not protect the sun. Indeed, the limitation to procedural rules, lacking a legal objective, has e.g. made the Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal a violation of widely felt digital codes, but not covered by the GDPR. On the other hand, there is hardly any other regulation to control the eight dominant platforms and Big Data. GDPR has innovations, i.e. the right to be forgotten and data portability, and it discusses the decision of algorithms. The passive secrecy approach to data protection omits anonymous data, i.e. those with no direct personal relationship, that constitute about 80% of all Big Data, and can be easily personalized. The focus of GDPR is on the time of "Data Delivery" while users are left alone with understanding the "Data Response", not knowing the structure of algorithms nor the kind of data used for the response. The double secrecy of GDPR and the Big Data of platforms increases information asymmetry. Based on a Studies in Freiburg University, on the most advanced transparency tool GoogelMyAccount and the analysis of transactions, a control infrastructure with transparency replacing the secrecy of GDPR will be presented.


Bio of Professor Guenter Mueller


Isao Echizen, Ph.D., National Institute of Informatics, iechizen [at] nii.ac.jp