Fiscal 2023

Talk on "AfriMTE and AfriCOMET: Enhancing COMET to Embrace Under-resourced African Languages" "Showing Your Prompt Doesn't Always Work"by Jiayi Wang and Yao Lu
Talk on " Online Robust Mean Estimation" by Sihan Liu (UC San Diego)
Talk on "Third Mission - The Transfer-Ecosystem" by Prof. Andreas Dengel from DFKI
Talk on "Ubiquitous and Low-Overhead Floor Identification with Limited Cellular Information" by Prof. Moustafa Youssef from the American University in Cairo, Egypt
Talk on "Bruce Lee-Inspired Fluid Antenna System for Extreme Massive" by Prof. Kai-Kit Wong from University College London
The 17th NTCIR Conference - NTCIR-17 Conference and EVIA 2023
Talk on "From Ethics of Artificial Intelligence to Computational Ethics - Focus on the Need for Non-Monotonicity" by Prof. Jean-Gabriel Ganascia from Sorbonne University
Talk on "Federated Learning for Mobile and IoT Devices" by Prof. Cristian Borcea (NJIT)
Joint Workshop of VoicePersonae and ASVspoof 2023
Talk on "Navigating the Sea of Knowledge: Analyzing and Indexing Scientific Texts" by Dr. Florian Boudin of Nantes University
Seminar on "Reshaping Human Understanding of Creativity in the Era of Generative AI" by Prof. Steven Tanimoto of University of Washington
Talk on vehicular cooperation by Prof. Lars Wolf from the Technical University of Braunschweig
Seminar on Secure and efficient big data analysis by Prof. Laurent d'Orazio from IRISA
Seminar on the elasticity of HPC intrastructures in the Cloud by Prof. Christophe CERIN
Talk on "Revolutionizing Traffic Intersection Control" by Dr. Guiling Wang of New Jersey Institute of Technology
Talk on "Natural language processing to support clinical decision-making: examples and privacy concerns" by Dr. Jocelyn Dunstan of Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Talk on "Examining the Potential for Enhancing User Search Experience using Conversational Agent Support" by Prof. Gareth J. F. Jones, Dublin City University, Ireland
Talk on clinical decision support by Dr. Roland Roller
Seminar by Mrs Ruth Lewis, Chair, IEEE Society for Social Implications of Technology Standards Committee
Seminar by Professor Oscar Salviano from PUC Campinas
Talk on "AI in 64Kb: can we do more with less?" by Assoc. Prof. Philippe Esling from IRCAM laboratory and Sorbonne Université
Talk on "Toward A Pessimistic-Optimistic Framework for Constrained Bandit Learning" by Dr. Ning Lu from Queen's University
Seminar on Machine Learning for Next-generation Robotics by Prof. Sethu Vijayakumar
Talk on 6G Wireless Research: New Opportunities and Challenges by Dr. Shuping Dang from University of Bristol
Talk on Research on Internet Transport Economics by Assoc. Prof. Richard Ma from National University of Singapore
Talk on "The Relevance of Planning Concepts to Large Language Models" by Prof. Marc Cavazza, NII Visiting Professor
AI seminar by Jean-Marie Lagniez and Gavain Bourgne
Talk by Prof. Atsuto Maki on Dense FixMatch: a simple semi-supervised learning method for pixel-wise prediction tasks