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Talk on "The Relevance of Planning Concepts to Large Language Models" by Prof. Marc Cavazza, NII Visiting Professor


The Relevance of Planning Concepts to Large Language Models


Large Language Models have encountered unprecedented success, unlike any other AI technique. Most notably, they have demonstrated abilities that extend beyond those expected from text or sequence generation methods: this has led to a number of claims about the emergence of reasoning abilities in LLM. It has even been suggested that LLM could be a candidate model for Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) in view of the diversity of cognitive mechanisms that could emerge from LLM, from reasoning and problem solving to Theory of Mind abilities.
In this talk, we will review some of the latest claims, illustrating them with both technical aspects of reasoning in LLM, and the reasoning requirements of potential LLM applications, such as medical diagnosis. We will, in particular, discuss the bespoke strategies that have been developed to elicit reasoning in LLM, such as Chain-of-Thought prompting. Recent publications suggest that both advocates and critics of LLM have resorted to Planning formalisms to improve or demonstrate the limits of their reasoning performance, which suggests research directions for the principled adoption of LLM approaches, beyond the use of off-the-shelf models.

Speaker Bio:

Marc Cavazza, Visiting Professor at NII

Marc Cavazza is a visiting professor at NII, and has been previously an invited researcher at Prendinger laboratory since 2008. He has held professorial appointments at four different UK Universities, including departmental and research management responsibilities. He has been active in several areas of Artificial Intelligence, symbolic as well as Machine Learning. He has published at IJCAI, ECAI, AAAI, ICAPS, AAMAS, ICML and NeurIPS, and has received awards at AAMAS and ICAPS. He has served as a member of over 200 conference committees and has been most recently reviewing for ACM Multimedia, IJCAI, ICASSP and NeurIPS. He has been involved in several large EU-funded research projects and has served for an expert evaluator for the European Commission and funding agencies in France, Australia and other countries. He holds an MD and a PhD from University Paris Cité.


14:00 - / Thursday, June 8th, 2023


Onsite(NII, National Institute of Informatics)


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