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Seminar by Mrs Ruth Lewis, Chair, IEEE Society for Social Implications of Technology Standards Committee

This is our great pleasure to invite you to Mrs Ruth Lewis' seminar described below. All are welcome.


Engineering collective wisdom: how IEEE Standards Association and SSIT Standards Committee inform global ethical and sustainable engineering practices


As global governments and policy makers look for guidance and leadership in dealing with the opportunities and challenges brought about by climate change, social inequality and emerging technologies such as AI, global standards development organisations (SDOs) are in the spotlight to advise and inspire, and look to a hopeful future.
The important work of the IEEE's Society for Social Implications of Technology Standards Committee and its 15 Working Groups is to manifest the five pillars of IEEE's Society for Social Implications of Technology and the Standards Associations' programs of 'Ethically Aligned Design' and 'Planet Positive 2030'. We develop ethical and sustainable socio-technical standards as solutions to these complex problems, andaim to influence and inform industry and government practices. These emerging standards, together with IEEE's AI Ethics and Governance standards and ecosystem offer useful and practical implementation of the international 'AI Principles' and other global imperatives which can be used in regulatory contexts.

Speaker Bio:

Ruth Lewis, Chair, IEEE Society for Social Implications of Technology Standards Committee

Ruth Lewis, Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical), Graduate Diploma Digital Communications,Master of Strategic Foresight, NER.
Ruth is an experienced strategic IT consultant, academically qualified futurist and professional engineer based in Melbourne, Australia, having worked across many industries, sectors and technologies with a particular focus on the innovative and ethical use of technology in business and in society.
Ruth's career has spanned 30 years developing and designing IT solutions for her clients, as a network engineer, senior technical consultant, solutions architect, business analyst and Technology Foresight professional. Her expertise is in introducing new technologies to business, creating managed services and creating innovative governance models within organizations. Ruth's passion is to work towards the ethical and sustainable development and use of technology for the good of society, enabling her clients to make wise and informed decisions and investments today to enable their preferred futures.
Ruth is the Chair of the IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology (SSIT) Standards Committee, is a member of the IEEE SA AsiaPac Regional Advisory Group, is the Standards Coordinator for the IEEE SSIT Australia and IEEE Victorian Section, and was an active contributing member of the IEEE 7000TM-2021 Standard Model Process for Addressing Ethical Concerns during System Design. Ruth received the IEEE SA 2022 Standards Medallion for leadership in promoting the development of IEEE technology and society standards.


10:30 - 12:00 / Monday, July 24th, 2023


Hybrid(Onsite and Online)


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