NII Open House 2018

Day1 - Friday 22 June 11:00-18:00
Day2 - Saturday 23 June 11:00-17:00

Venue: National Center of Sciences

Day1 - Friday 22 June

Conference Room / 2F

11:00-18:00 Demos & Poster

Hitotsubashi Hall / 2F

Keynote : Expectation to the NII toward realization of Society 5.0
Makoto GONOKAMI (President, The University of Tokyo)

Introduction: NII Activities Report
Masaru KITSUREGAWA (Director General, NII)

Keynote: Supporting medical care with AI
Seiichi UCHIDA (Professor, Kyushu University)

Keynote: Toward Realization of Academic Information Infrastructure Utilizing the Cloud
Kento AIDA (Professor, NII)

Special Conference Room / 1F

Research Presentation「Maintaining infrastructure by IoT」

Industrial-Government-Academic Exchange Seminar : NII SEEDs

Small Conference Room / 2F

SINET5 & Cloud ideathon

Day2 - Saturday 23 June

Conference Room / 2F

Demos & Poster

Hitotsubashi Hall / 2F

NII research 100 rounds

Small Conference Room / 2F

Workshop for Elementary School Children: Programming with RoBoHon

Introduction of the Department of Informatics, SOKENDAI (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies)

Special Conference Room / 1F

Workshop for High School Students: Aiming for Medalist International Olympiad in Informatics!


[A] Architecture, Software 

  • A1 System Organization of Highend Datacenters and Supercomputers
    Michihiro Koibuchi
  • A2 Optimizing queries for uniform access to heterogeneous data
    Hiroyuki Kato
  • A3 Achieving Interoperability of Decentralized Big Data
    Zhenjiang Hu
  • A4 Change the Changing World
    Zhenjiang Hu
  • A5 Parallel Processing of Big Graphs
    Zhenjiang Hu
  • A6 Challenges to "soft" hardware
    Tomohiro Yoneda
  • A7 Promote world-leading research, education and practice for cutting-edge software engineering
    GRACE Center
  • A8 Education Program for Software Engineers
  • A9 Intelligentlly Connect All the Things and People in the City
    Fuyuki Ishikawa
  • A10 Engineer Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence based on Machine Learning
    Fuyuki Ishikawa
  • A11 Dealing with complexity of software through appropriate abstraction
    Ishikawa Laboratory
  • A12 Smartly test and repair software
    Formal Methods and Intelligence Group in ERATO-MMSD Project
  • A13 Mobile Vehicle Tracking Application
    Aida Laboratory
  • A14 From Mathematics to Software and Manufacturing
    Global Research Center for Systems Design and Mathematics
  • A15 Monitoring of Cyber-Physical Systems
    Masaki Waga
  • A16 Cyber-physical systems, Hybrid system, falsification, optimization
    Zhang Zhenya
  • A17 Support the cloud service by drawing a map of the system
    Advanced ICT Center
  • A18 Audit trail, reproducibility, skill transfer and etc. Simultaneously solve problems of information system operation.
    Center for Cloud Research and Development
  • A19 Intercloud
    Center for Cloud Research and Development

[B] Computation, Logic, Quantum information

  • B1 How can we increase the reputation by customer reviews?
    Ken-ichi Kawarabayashi (Global Research Center for Big Data Mathematics)
  • B2 Quantum Computer and Quantum Technology
    Global Research Center for Quantum Information Science
  • B3 Numerical calculation, numerical analysis
    Yuji Nakatsukasa
  • B4 Stabilizing GMRES Using the Normal Equation Approach for Severely Ill-Conditioned Problems
    Liao Zeyu

[C] Artificial intelligence

  • C1 How Do Computers Learn?
    Mahito Sugiyama
  • C2 Artificial Intelligence
    Inoue Laboratory
  • C3 Connecting Society and Academia with Linked Open Data
    Hideaki Takeda
  • C4 Deletion-based sentence compression
    Yang ZHAO
  • C5 Find out how the information diffuses on the Web
    Ryota Kobayashi
  • C6 Robot judges?
    Ken Satoh
  • C7 How to use knowledge in AI systems?
    Ryutaro Ichise
  • C8 Toward Much Interpretability and Utility on Data Mining Technology
    Takeaki Uno
  • C9 Distinguish similar motions by recognizing the context
    Tadashi Ogura
  • C10 Security of machine learning processes
    Michael E. Houle
  • C11 Characterizing the complexity of data analysis tasks
    Michael E. Houle
  • C12 How Effectively Computers Can Search Information
    Noriko Kando
  • C13 Solving of social problems though knoeldge processing
    CRIS: Research Center for Robust Intelligence and Social Technology
  • C14 Innovative aids for medicine through IT
    Research Center for Medical Bigdata

[D] Visual, audio, media 

  • D1 Advanced visual media falls in love with light field representation rather than conventional image processing
    Kazuya Kodama
  • D2 Voice conversion
    Fuming Fang
  • D3 Synthetic speech by the latest technology
    Xin Wang
  • D4 Speech synthesis that amuses people
    Shuhei Kato
  • D5 Fitting digital shape
    Fumiki Sekiya
  • D6 Find eye-catching objects from video
    Trung-Nghia LE
  • D7 What if Van Gogh painted this picture? - What you can do with AI
    Minh-Duc VO
  • D8 Spectrum beyond Three Primary Colors
    Imari Sato
  • D9 Creating the sharing culture of research data sets
    Center for Dataset Sharing and Collaborative Research
  • D10 Can we learn the correlation between music audio and video?
    Yu Yi
  • D11 Make old books more readable
    Takeshi Abekawa
  • D12 Let's enjoy image and video retrieval
    Shin'ichi Satoh
  • D13 Collaboration between Informatics and Humanities
    Center for Open Data in the Humanities

[E] Network, security

  • E1 How can software deal with security and privacy?
    Nobukazu Yoshioka
  • E2 Discover the root causes of network troubles
    Satoru Kobayashi
  • E3 Finding network anomalies in Internet traffic
    Kensuke Fukuda
  • E4 How can we protect biometric information at border between cyber and physical worlds?
    Isao Echizen
  • E5 English presentation only
    Nguyen Hong Huy
  • E6 Cyber security English presentation only
    Tieu Thi Ngoc Dung

[F] Society and information

  • F1 Learning Analytics
    Masako Furukawa
  • F2 Living under Normal Failures of Software
    Shin Nakajima
  • F3 Location-based big data analytics
    Takayuki Mizuno
  • F4 The misinformation and financial market
    Jun Joomi
  • F5 Bit Coin & Block Chain
    Hitoshi Okada
  • F6 Social BigData
    Noriaki Koide
  • F7 Big Data and Privacy Protection
    Yasuhiro Tanaka
  • F8 Cooking Recipe Without Borders Ecosystem
    ANDRES Frederic
  • F9 Agriculture and Early Warning Management
    ANDRES Frederic
  • F10 Inducing Temporal Relations from Time Anchor Annotation
    Research Center for Financial Smart Data
  • F11 Financial Big Data and its applications
    Research Center for Financial Smart Data

[G] Special

  • G1 Look inside NII!
    NII Johoken Bit kun
  • G2 NII Shonan meeting
    NII Shonan meeting
  • G3 Introduction of Department of Informatics, SOKENDAI
    SOKENDAI (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies), Department of Informatics
  • G4 Science Information NETwork 5
    Cyber Science Infrastructure
  • G5 Regional Contribution thorough Graphic Design
    Kyoritsu Women's University
  • G6 International Olympiad in Informatics
    Japanese Olympiad in Informatics
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